Autotuning Fuzzy Logic & Saving Energy In Conversation with Abraham Janabi of Xiera Technologies

As part of their operations and procedures, machines are designed to make decisions. When fuzzy logic, a branch of Artificial Intelligence, is used to control a machine, it can make more intelligent and accurate decisions based on a wider variety of conditions. This leads to greater energy efficiency. In the past, explained Abraham Janabi, Xiera […]

Creative Protections & Projections: Talking with Artcryption’s Vandana Taxali

The rise of NFTs in the art world did not come as a surprise to Vandana Taxali. “It’s been amazing to watch this idea I had gain traction and become something everyone is talking about,” she said during a recent telephone interview. The Artcryption co-founder believes the desire to collect what is unique and valuable […]

Suggestions from the Shop Floor: Introducing TheLeanSuite

Lean manufacturing is a mindset that demands continuous improvement during every stage of the manufacturing process. TheLeanSuite is a digital tool that supports the lean manufacturing mindset. An automated suggestion box uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to gather input from staff working on the shop floor to find efficiencies and improve processes. “Firstly, once […]

Nurturing Society through Commerce: Seema Sanghavi, Founder, Cooks Who Feed

The humble cook’s apron is a kind of kitchen safety net. It protects home chefs and professionals alike from spills and splashes. But can aprons offer more protection to society? Seema Sanghavi thinks so.   Sanghavi is the founder of Cooks Who Feed, an apron and cooking wear line that weaves together many complex threads of […]