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Do you have business questions, ideas or challenges you would like to discuss with a subject-matter expert?  Our Business Advisory Services offers resources and guidance to those exploring entrepreneurship, starting a new business or scaling an existing business in Mississauga. 

Here is a list of free advisory services we offer:

  • Business Planning: We understand businesses can have unique needs and we are here to support as you work through the different stages of development.  Our team of professionals can provide information, resources and guidance for business-related inquires, such as government regulations, market research, hiring employees, exploring funding, and so much more.
  • General Operations: Mastering the operations of your business can help you become more efficient and ultimately improve your overall profit, team satisfaction and customer relationships.  We can review your operational plan and discuss how key elements of your business can work smoothly for you to maximize your potential for growth and success. 
  • Sales Strategies: It is important for business owners to continuously assess their sales strategies and look for ways to increase their market share and attract new customers.  Let us help position you to take advantage of new opportunities and guide your business in the right direction.
  • Digital Marketing: Now more than ever, it is crucial that business owners get their brand online and optimize their digital presence. We can assist with your digital marketing strategy – including marketing plans, brand development, website review, and e-Commerce or social media guidance.
  • Scale-Up Support: As part of the innovation ecosystem, our team offers support to facilitate business growth and success.  If you are in the pilot stage or you’re ready to scale your company, our team is here to assist with mentorship and connections.  We can help you explore new markets outside of Canada, growing your team, and seeking funding opportunities.
  • Legal**: Being a business owner comes with many legal questions, concerns, agreements and obligations.  Our legal consultants are available to discuss and provide general guidance to help you navigate through challenges you may face.
  • Finances: Knowing how to manage your finances and maintain your books is vital to every business.  We offer consultations to discuss best practises for every day business bookkeeping, budget and cash flow management, and preparing future financial forecasts. 

*NOTE:  The Business Advisory Services program is subject to change.

**Subject to Availability


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We have identified and answered the most commonly asked questions about this topic:

No. Our Business Advisory Services are available for free to all new and existing businesses located in Mississauga.

All business owners and entrepreneurs who are currently operating or looking to open a business in Mississauga are eligible to request our Business Advisory Services.

No. Our Business Advisory Services are offered all year round with no current deadline.

Complete the Business Advisory Services Inquiry Form so we may learn more about your business and prepare recommended resources. A member of our IDEA Square One team will respond within 5 business days to share information via email or schedule a consultation meeting to further discuss your inquiry.



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