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Summer Company Program (Young Entrepreneur Program)

Please note: Summer Company Program 2022 is now closed. Please sign up for our newsletter to get all the updates for 2023.

Are you an Ontario student 15 to 29 years and have a business idea?

The Summer Company program can help you launch and operate a business this summer. The program provides:

• Business training and mentorship to help you get your business up and running.
• Opportunity for a grant up to $3,000 to help you launch your summer business.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to apply to the 2022 Summer Company Program if you are interested in starting a business in Mississauga. Space in the program is limited!

Démarrer une entreprise d’été : étudiants; L’information est disponible en français ICI.

What are the Steps to Get Started?

  1. Attend a FREE Information Session*:
    Attending an information session webinar is a recommended first step in learning about the program, the eligibility criteria, program requirements and how to apply to the program, and have your questions answered. 

  2. Check your Eligibility:
    Ready to apply to the program? The first step is to check your eligibility. To be considered for the Summer Company Program, you must answer a few questions to see if you are eligible to apply to the program.

  3. Make an Application Inquiry:
    If you meet the eligibility requirements, your next step is to complete your ‘Application Inquiry’, select ‘Mississauga’ as the ‘City/Town’ and select the ‘Mississauga Business Entrepreneur Centre’ if you plan to start your business in Mississauga. We will contact you and send you information, program schedule and document templates to complete your application package, which includes a business plan, start up budget and cash flow forecast.

  4. Submit Your Application: 
    Next step is to submit your program application, which you will need to include your business plan, start up budget and cash flow forecast. Qualified applicants will be contacted for an interview. Selected candidates will be contacted and invited to participate in the program.

That’s it! There are limited spots available, so apply early!

For information on the program guidelines, check your eligibility, your program inquiry and apply to the program, click here. 
Démarrer une entreprise d’été : étudiants; L’information est disponible en français ICI.

*These Summer Company Information sessions are hosted by the Mississauga Business Entrepreneur Centre in collaboration with the Brampton Entrepreneur Centre for students interested in applying to the program in the Mississauga or the Brampton area. The program information provided in these Summer Company information sessions will be the same for students eligible to apply to Mississauga’s program or Brampton’s program. The Mississauga Business Enteprise Centre will only accept program applications for businesses that will be based in Mississauga.


Please check back for all program information for 2023.

Summer Company 2022 Info Session:

Click here to watch the recording

Past Participants

Ana G.

Ana’s Craft Shop created more than twenty new 3-D pop-up cards including a design for the City of Mississauga. Ana will continue to run her business and is working on expanding her portfolio. She is currently developing designs for the holiday season.  Ana plans to continue her business year round.

Andrew S.

ShaoBotics is a coding and robotics enrichment program for youth, started as part of the Mississauga Summer Company Program. The CEO behind the business, Andrew Shao, strives to introduce youth to computer science and robotics at an earlier age.

Through the Mississauga Summer Company Program, Andrew was able to teach over 30 unique students in 2 months and see their progress from 0 experience to proficiency in robotics and coding. He strives to create a youth program with the city or another non-for-profit to continue his goal of introducing youth to coding and robotics.

Justin D.

Justin’s Piano Studio has over 20 students currently and is extremely pleased that he has had the opportunity to participate in the Summer Company Program.

In his Mississauga studio there is a photo of Justin, taken when he was 7 years old.  He was holding a sign which says “Piano Teacher”.  The grade two children were asked what they wanted to be when they grew up.  Justin wrote down “piano teacher”.  

This summer, this dream came true – the Summer Company program helped him realize his dream of putting his musical talent, knowledge and skills to use. 

Justin earned his ARCT Diploma in Piano Performance from the Royal Conservatory of Music at the age of 13.  He has been playing piano since he was 6 years old. At 15, he is teaching piano students from Ontario and Quebec. Justin’s Piano Studio – Flying Fingers is based in Mississauga, Ontario and is aiming to teach anyone who is willing to learn piano online from anywhere.


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