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Suggestions from the Shop Floor: Introducing TheLeanSuite

Lean manufacturing is a mindset that demands continuous improvement during every stage of the manufacturing process. TheLeanSuite is a digital tool that supports the lean manufacturing mindset. An automated suggestion box uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to gather input from staff working on the shop floor to find efficiencies and improve processes.

“Firstly, once our clients implement these ideas from their workers, they get lean efficiencies,” said co-founder, Angad Singh. “Secondly, the tool keeps the workforce involved and motivated because they feel management is listening to them.”

The tool has a built-in incentive function to motivate employees to share their thoughts about the process.  Each contribution informs their place on the leader board as they earn points and redeem them to buy merchandise that they proudly wear out in the community. The additional benefit? Empowered employees promote both their workplace and its products.

To Angad, TheLeanSuite can help even the smallest manufacturing concerns.

“The solution is so simple and easy to implement that even the smallest companies can realize efficiencies,” Singh says about his tool. “It enables companies to target the low-hanging fruit of inefficiencies to raise productivity, increase employee satisfaction and increase profits.”

What’s the next step for TheLeanSuite?

“We’re working on an algorithm from an AI perspective that will work to group similar ideas that are coming from the shop floor to reduce administration efforts,” Angad explained. “When we can group them, we can separate the real ideas from complaints and clear up the noise!  We’re currently working in collaboration with Niagara College and we’ve got some students and faculty preparing a plan to build this solution together. We’re also building a system of smart alerts that will tell the plants where and when they can implement ideas and bring in even more efficiency.”

The company also plans to increase its sales force and thinks it will be easier to hire the right people thanks to their involvement with the IDEA Mississauga Scale-Up Program offered by the City of Mississauga’s Economic Development Office.

The program, funded and delivered by the city, is a 4-month program to support innovative and inclusive companies to grow and overcome barriers. Participants like TheLeanSuite have the opportunity to attend workshops and seminars that address common challenges faced by scaling companies, connect with experienced mentors, speakers, and peers, and present to investors, funders, and industry partners to get started towards their next round of funding, sale, or partnership.

TheLeanSuite was one of the four companies chosen by a pool of potential investors for special recognition following the Scale-Up Pitch Day event where the program participants gave a 3-minute pitch about their companies.

“Our involvement with the Scale-Up Program has been pretty amazing on all fronts,” Angad said. “I’ve had a previous startup, but there are still a lot of things that I learned from participating in the program, especially about sales and marketing because they presented us with a step-by-step method for how to approach both aspects of business. We know who we need to hire to help us grow and what kind of investors we want to onboard to do it with!”

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