Scale-Up Investment Deep Dive – Webinar 12/9/21

In this webinar, learn how to find and manage the investment process to scale-up and manage your company.

Entrepreneurs in the scale-up phase may require investment to grow the company faster; hire faster, accelerate research and development, or create more selling opportunities.

Join this panel of experts as they discuss:

  • The different expectations and roles of the founders, leadership team, company, and investors at series A, B, or C rounds of funding.
  • Situations in subsequent rounds of funding you may have to navigate while raising your current round of funding.
  • What needs to happen between each round of funding to set you up for success.


  • Scott Pelton | Co-Founder, RISC
  • Brenda Hogan | Chief Investment Officer, Ontario Capital Growth Corporation (OCGC)
  • David Wright | Founder, Cassio Capital Partners Inc.

This event was hosted by:

Mississauga Business Entrepreneur Centre (MBEC), Economic Development, Small Business & Entrepreneurship Division, City of Mississauga, is your central source for small business information, resources and guidance.