Scale-Up Investment Deep Dive – Webinar 12/9/21

In this webinar, learn how to find and manage the investment process to scale-up and manage your company. Entrepreneurs in the scale-up phase may require investment to grow the company faster; hire faster, accelerate research and development, or create more selling opportunities. Join this panel of experts as they discuss: The different expectations and roles […]

Scale-Up Scaling Your Product – Webinar 12/2/21

In this webinar, learn how to navigate the process of scaling your company’s products to fit the needs of a wider audience. Implementing your product with a few customers allows you to adapt the product but as you scale and acquire more customers, this becomes increasingly difficult. As your company grows and matures, your product […]

Scale-Up Going Global – Webinar 11/25/21

In this webinar, entrepreneurs will learn how to sell outside of Canada and get to the global markets faster. Getting to the global marketplace will greatly accelerate the growth of your company so getting there quickly will be important. Whether you already have plans to sell outside of Canada or have not considered the international […]

Scale-Up Repeatable Marketing and Sales Processes – Webinar 11/18/21

In this webinar, learn about repeatable processes are important to help you market effectively, secure sales efficiently, and maximize your human resources. As a startup, flexibility and agility are strengths. As you develop, the lack of repeatable processes can hinder your ability to grow your client base and your team. This session will provide tactical […]

Scale-Up Advisory Boards – Webinar 11/9/21

In this webinar, learn from experienced entrepreneurs as they share their experiences with advisory boards.  Your advisory board can help keep you accountable, provide feedback, and initiate strategic connections. So how do you get started creating your advisory board and make sure you are getting the most out of this resource? From both the entrepreneur […]

Scale-Up Ask the Experts, Finance Options – Webinar 11/4/21

In this webinar, learn from this panel of experts about financial options for your scaling business. As a scaling company, it might be difficult to navigate the financing options that are available. Maybe you need to grow more before raising a round of investment or perhaps your company is too large for grants and loans. […]

Scale-Up Founder to CEO, Leadership Evolution – Webinar 10/28/21

In this webinar, learn how entrepreneurs can avoid the common pitfalls of navigating the transition from a Founder to a CEO. Discover how to adapt and grow to continue leading your team and your company to success.  The role of leading a company changes as your company grows from a startup to a scale-up. Drawing […]

Scale-Up Founder Issues and Legalities – Webinar 10/19/21

In this webinar, learn how an experienced entrepreneur, investor, lawyer, and business advisor navigates founder issues and legalities when scaling their business. Not all founders stay with their companies and not all companies stay with their founders. Interpersonal challenges, competing life priorities, mismatch of skills to roles all play a part in the process of […]