Digital Marketing: How to Start an Online Business – Webinar 6/28/22

Join this webinar to learn the basics of setting up an online business.

Whether you are starting an e-commerce business or taking your current business online, there are a few things to consider and decisions to be made when getting started.  Just like any business, doing your market research and having a plan will help you as you explore the opportunity of selling online. 

In this webinar, we will take you through some of the key steps to creating and managing an online business.

  • Tips on how to write a ‘basic’ online business plan
  • How to design a website that converts visitors into customers.
  • How to set up your sales tools.
  • How to promote your business.
  • What to consider when scaling your online business.
  • How to create a measurement plan.

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This event was hosted by:

Mississauga Business Entrepreneur Centre (MBEC), Economic Development, Small Business & Entrepreneurship Division, City of Mississauga, is your central source for small business information, resources and guidance.