Digital Marketing: How to Optimize your Shopify store – Webinar 1/13/22

This webinar will showcase the importance of being intentional when it comes to creating a Shopify store. By the end of the webinar, you will learn about essential apps and tools needed to improve your Shopify store for your business.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Must have Shopify Apps for your business (Money Making + Increase Online Sales + Build Customer Trust & Loyalty)
  • Customizing a Shopify store for your business (online 2.0 updates)
  • BONUS: Key sales channels for your business, selling tips, how to convert traffic to sales


  • Emmanuela Okon

Emmanuela Okon is a recent graduate from the University of Toronto Mississauga were she obtained a Bachelors of Arts degree in Communication Culture and Information Technology. She is a Digital Main Street- Digital Service Squad Member in Mississauga representing the Cooksville area. Social media is nothing new to her as she has leveraged and use multiple social media platforms like Instagram, FB, Pinterest and TikTok for the past few years. Her area of digital expertise include digital tools and technologies like Shopify, Instagram, and WordPress. A fun fact about about Emmanuela is that she runs a small business of her own called E’s Element. She enjoys planning social media content.

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Key topics covered include: 

  • Customizing your online store with Shopify Apps 14:26 (Examples of Shopify Apps)
  • Apps for Increasing Brand Loyalty and Trust 15:11
  • For improving your customer’s online experience 18:12
  • For increasing Customer Engagement 22:54
  • Demonstration 27:37

This event was hosted by:

Mississauga Business Entrepreneur Centre (MBEC), Economic Development, Small Business & Entrepreneurship Division, City of Mississauga, is your central source for small business information, resources and guidance.