Step 4: Determine Your Staffing Requirements


Choose Your Business Location.

Choosing the the right business location will depend on the type of business you plan to operate.  For some entrepreneurs working from a home office is an option when starting their business. For retail, or those operating in the food service industry,  there are a number of requirements to consider.  It is important to review the regulations and needs of your business, and outline them in  your business plan, to determine the right location.

Questions to consider when choosing your business location:

  1. Will clients visit your business on a regular basis? i.e. to purchase product or services
  2. Is my location  accessible for my clients?  i.e. parking, conveniently located, etc.
  3. Does my location follow accessibility regulations?
  4. Will you prepare and/or serve food?
  5. Are you selling online?  i.e. e-commerce
  6. Does your location require any permits or operating licenses?


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The following Home Occupations are permitted to operate from a Detached Dwelling: tutoring, music instructions, artist or artisan and a general office use, provided the Home Occupation complies with all the restrictions indicated in Subsection 4.1.16 of the Zoning Bylaw. A physician, dentist, drugless practitioner or health professional may also establish a business from their home provided the use complies with all the applicable Zoning By-law restrictions.

Please contact the Mississauga’s zoning section for further information by calling 3-1-1, or if calling from outside of Mississauga, dial 905 615-4311.

More information can be found at: Mississauga Zoning By-Law

If your Mississauga business location requires renovations or new construction, please contact the City of Mississauga Planning and Building. You will find a great combination of information and services to help you through the development process. This portion of our eCity portal is designed to serve both the resident and builder/developer alike.

Learn more:

Mississauga’s Interactive Online Map allows you to: browse and explore the City’s mapping; overlay current and historical aerial photography; locate a street address or property; print maps to scale and more.

  • browse and explore accurate, regularly maintained mapping data
  • view current and historical aerial photography
  • search and locate an address
  • search and locate a street intersection
  • search and locate points of interest, such as parks
  • measure distances and areas
  • view the location and details of survey monuments
  • view the location and details of City-planted trees
  • rotate the map and click an Arrow button for true-north

The Economic Development Office, in partnership with Planning & Building Department, provides a list of businesses  in Mississauga which can be accessed through the Mississauga business directory. The Mississauga Business Directory is a free and interactive online tool that shows the geographic location of the businesses within Mississauga.  It lists only the businesses that agreed to be included in the Business Directory.

Downtown Mississauga is a dynamic, urban neighbourhood that attracts creative and talented people to live, work and play. It is a place where you can share and embrace new ideas, cultures and experiences. Downtown Mississauga is located in the heart of the city with easy connections to the rest of the city, the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) and beyond. In downtown Mississauga, we are open to new opportunities and ready to welcome the world. Access to and from the economic hotbed is as barrier-free as it gets anywhere on the planet.

Approximately 4 million sq. ft. of existing (Class A & B) office space and approximately 60 acres of land ready to be developed, downtown Mississauga is a growing centre for the “new economy” with 70% of residents of working age (16 – 64). Need more information on doing business in Mississauga


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