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Singer of Steel: Talking with Bree Taylor at the Top of the Charts

If indie country star Bree Taylor has a weakness, it remains a mystery. Kryptonite may be the only substance that can weaken superman, but it is only making the Mississauga singer stronger. In September 2021, the singer’s single Kryptonite reached number one on the Canadian Indie Country Countdown charts. It joined her 2020 number one hit, Burning Bridges.
“Kryptonite has been doing so well,” Taylor said in a recent telephone interview. “It’s so rewarding.”
The single, from Taylor’s upcoming album, was also nominated for Song of the Year at the Mississauga Music Awards. While the event is being held virtually for the second time this year, Taylor welcomes the opportunity to have Mississauga’s musicians recognized for their contributions to the city’s culture.
“There are so many talented musicians and singers in Mississauga,” Taylor said. “It’s an amazing community and we’ve all been here, creating and rehearsing new work as people have turned to the arts and entertainment for comfort throughout the pandemic.”
Taylor attributes much of the song’s success to its video, filmed by Mississauga-based esteemed videographer Alex Gayoso.
“We really pushed the limits of creativity in creating this video. Alex did all of the CGI work to create the Kryptonite world in exactly the way we envisioned it,” Taylor explained. “Working in front of a green screen was a really unique experience compared to traditional ways of filming music videos. We couldn’t actually film on the top of a cliff, but Alex is so skilled that he could digitally put me on the top of a cliff. Overall, I am just so proud of what we accomplished in the final video.”
Taylor and her team filmed the Kryptonite video with the support of a grant from the Starter Company Plus Program offered through the Mississauga Business Entrepreneur Centre. Taylor participated in the program last winter.
“My biggest take-away from the program were about the business skills side of the business,” Taylor said. “Like most artists, I am always more involved with the creative side of being in the music business, but through the webinars and tutorials I learned how to deal with banking, financials and spreadsheets. They’re the tools that tell you where you’re at financially and show you what you have to work with.”
Taylor was grateful to have been able to provide drive-in style performances throughout the pandemic and has decided to  hold off booking further shows until she can offer her fans a more normal show post-pandemic.
“A lot of musicians have been using virtual platforms to perform, but it isn’t the same. I just don’t feel the same energy and there is too much missing for me personally,” Taylor explained. “I cannot wait to connect with fans in-person again and see how they connect with each other over my music.”
Fans may not have to wait too long to re-establish that live connection. Taylor is currently working on finishing her upcoming debut album and planning a Canadian/American tour to go along with it.
“Things are still very up in the air,” she said. “Planning is a fluid process, but I have hope we will be able to get out there and bring my music back to audiences in the best way possible soon. The trick is to stay resilient and stay flexible.”

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