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Market research provides you with an understanding of your customers, your competitors, and your business environment to help you start your business. Market research is the process of getting the information to help you develop your business plan.  It will give you the information needed to make informed business decisions to start  your business, as well as a reference to stay innovative and competitive as you grow your business.

Questions to consider when doing market research:

  1. Do you know your customer? i.e. Who are they?  What are their purchasing habits?  Where are they?
  2. What are the opportunities to grow a profitable business?  i.e.  What are the industry trends?  What are emerging markets? What other products/services can you offer?
  3. What are the current trends in the economy and your industry that can impact your business? How will you prepare? i.e. staffing, etc.
  4. Who are the competitors in in your market?
  5. How will you document, update and evaluate your research? e.g. business plan


We have identified and answered the most commonly asked questions about this topic:

Mississauga Data is our corporate open data website. Historical planning data including key statistics on Mississauga population, demographics, census, development, monitoring/activity, growth forecasts, housing employment, office, land use, vacant lands and the environment can also be found here.  

Mississauga’s Interactive Online Map allows you to: browse and explore the City’s mapping; overlay current and historical aerial photography; locate a street address or property; print maps to scale and more.

  • browse and explore accurate, regularly maintained mapping data
  • view current and historical aerial photography
  • search and locate an address
  • search and locate a street intersection
  • search and locate points of interest, such as parks
  • measure distances and areas
  • view the location and details of survey monuments
  • view the location and details of City-planted trees
  • rotate the map and click an Arrow button for true-north

The Economic Development Office, in partnership with Planning & Building Department, provides a list of businesses  in Mississauga which can be accessed through the Mississauga business directory. The Mississauga Business Directory is a free and interactive online tool that shows the geographic location of the businesses within Mississauga.  It lists only the businesses that agreed to be included in the Business Directory.

Market research can help you develop a marketing plan and prepare your business to sell your product or service.  Here are some helpful websites to visit when doing market research.


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