CAN Health Network

The CAN Health Network is a national partnership comprised of leading Canadian health organizations, referred to as Edges, and companies across Canada. Made possible with funding from the Federal Government, the Network works together to introduce new solutions into the health care system, and pave the way for Canadian businesses to scale not only across Canada, but globally.

They tackle market access barriers enabling Canadian health innovation companies to compete on a national and international level by providing companies with access to buyers’ sites to demonstrate the value of their technology, fast-tracked and scalable procurement utilizing existing guidelines and an integrated marketplace allowing businesses to scale rapidly.

The CAN Health Network’s primary goals are to create economic prosperity by scaling Canadian technology companies and stimulate the creation of domestic Canadian jobs by helping companies overcome the structural barriers to doing this on their own. As a result of the Network, health systems are able to joint-problem solve with companies to provide innovative solutions resulting in better tools, cost savings and a more efficient health care system.