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Mississauga is where companies, businesses, community partners and talent can connect, innovate and grow. We have the right ingredients to be the business-scaling and commercialization heart of Canada’s Innovation Corridor.

Our Innovation Asset Map highlights organizations around Mississauga that offer innovative and entrepreneurial products, services and solutions. These organizations include the Xerox Research Centre of Canada, Ontario Centre of Innovation, the National Research Council of Canada and many more. To discover the full list of organizations, please view the interactive map below.

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The University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) has launched the Centre for Medicinal Chemistry focusing on the development of new drugs targeting cancer and other diseases. The laboratory of Professor Patrick Gunning of UTM’s Department of Chemical & Physical Sciences is the catalyst for the creation of this Centre. Gunning’s research team designs lead compounds that have the potential to be turned into cancer-fighting drugs. The Centre integrates a national network of leading health care institutions and researchers. It is unique in Canada with its focus on developing cancer therapeutics from initial computational design right through to definitive animal trials.…

The Lakeview Innovation District seeks to create an ecosystem which builds upon Lakeview Village’s Smart and Sustainable development foundation to deliver an environment where people can research and develop innovative solutions that help to educate and drive behavioural change globally, and, help to generate universal economic prosperity. The Clear Competitive Advantage for The Lakeview Innovation District is the adjacent and integrated Lakeview Village Community and its ability to act as a Living Lab/Sandbox as the greater Community builds out over the next 20-25 years. Lakeview Innovation District aims to become a world-renowned centre for innovation with access to transit, connecting ind…

Ontario Centre of Innovation (OCI) accelerates innovation through game-changing research leading to successful commercialization and vibrant collaboration between industry and academia helping to launch the next generation of products and jobs. OCI focuses on ensuring the people of Ontario reap the personal and economic benefits of leading-edge research underway at publicly funded universities, colleges and research hospitals – research that can be transformed into technologies and services that enhance quality of life and help build a globally competitive, job-creating economy in Ontario.…

Plug and Play is connecting Canadian entrepreneurs and businesses to the innovation world of Silicon Valley. They want to build a smart future. To achieve that, they’re looking to build the largest innovation ecosystem in the world and connect change-makers with leading organizations. Their network consists of 30,000+ startups, 500+ world-leading corporations, and hundreds of venture capital firms, universities, and government agencies across multiple industries.…

The advanced materials research facility in Mississauga is the National Research Council of Canada’s (NRC) first physical research presence in the Greater Toronto Area. The new facility acts as a catalyst to accelerate the development of advanced materials technologies and their commercialization in disruptive new products. Together with industry, academia, and other government department (OGD) partners, the facility establishes and operates a national innovation platform, supporting and undertaking foundational research and development (R&D) to develop new materials, scaling up their production, and de-risking and demonstrating their application.…

ICUBE is the home of Social Entrepreneurship and early-stage start-ups at the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) campus, offering resources, programs, workshops and mentorship for people who are changing the world. If you want to make a difference, ICUBE can help you make it. They empower innovators, creators, and change-makers to explore their ideas and make them happen.…

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